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The Dream:

Cultivating a life of purpose through growing food, learning traditional skills, breaking down barriers, and building a nourished & empowered community. Helping others create a life that brings fulfillment through holistic management practices. A place to share thoughts, experiences, adventures, and tips with the world. Including, but not limited to: recipes, local food buying guides, tips to making your home more eco-friendly, updates on social/political situations, learning skills, spiritual practices.

The Reality:

Embracing life instead of living in fear. Avid gardener, kitchen witch, and domestic goddess. Working with local small businesses to promote sustainability, local food access, and to create a resilient community. Currently searching for the Goldilocks’s approved property to continue our homesteading journey.

What I Can Offer You:

A myriad of advice, information, and stories which are food-centric, therefore full of life. Opportunities to create a life that is aligned with your beliefs. To help you live wholeheartedly in your business and personal ventures.


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