About Me

The Dream: Create a conscious community aware of the world’s injustices & doing what we can to make it a better place for all. Focus on food, nutrition, agriculture, nature, society, and politics through a holistic mindset.

The Reality: A place for me to share thoughts, experiences, adventures, and tips with the world. Including, but not limited to: recipes, local food buying guides, tips to making your home more eco-friendly, updates on social/political situations, learning skills, spiritual practices.13537520_10207153453095647_4055091573251118187_n

The Path: Embracing life instead of living in fear. Avid gardener, kitchen witch, and domestic goddess. Working with local small businesses to promote sustainability, local food access, and to create a resilient community. Currently studying to be a certified metaphysical practitioner – tarot readings, crystal & energy healing, moon medicine.

What I Can Offer You: A myriad of advice, information, and stories which are food-centric, therefore full of life. Opportunities to create a life that is aligned with your beliefs. To help you live wholeheartedly in your business and personal ventures.

Current work:

  • Farmer’s market stand & marketing for Wood River Sustainability Center
  • Working for 2nd year market gardeners – planting, harvesting, processing, marketing, business development, and more for a year-round budding agritourismo in Bellevue, ID.
  • Seed Steward for the Rocky Mountain Seed Alliance
  • Experimenting in all things fermented – dill pickles, kimchi, sodas/water kefir, grains, & eventually something my husband will love.
Garden Tour - Lettuce Stop
Playing in the garden with my cousins!

Past work:

  • Collaboration on Local Food Wheel for the Northwest USA Region 
  • Kitchen/Grocery manager at WAPF/Nourishing Traditions styled health food store – NourishMe – in Ketchum, ID.
  • Transition Director for a convenience store turned local/health food one stop shop in Northern California
  • Operations & Communications Manager for small herbal supplement company (unfortunately, no longer in business…and my ongoing struggle on supplementation{INSERT LINK HERE})
  • Sales Specialist for Idaho’s Bounty, a producer-owned local food distribution company
  • Perfecting no-knead sourdough bread (add link)
  • Completed 1st year garden (add link)