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Welcome to the Classy Cunt Catalogue!

Hello Everyone! So…the name may throw you off. You may think it is revolting, obscene, or offensive. But I BEG to differ. When I was in high school, I read a great book called Cunt: A Declaration of Independence and highly recommend any and every female READ THIS BOOK!

So, this book taught me a lot. One of the things it taught me was to be proud of being a female. Instead of using the word cunt to be a negative word, I use it in a positive way. I say I LOVE MY CUNT to myself, at least once a day. Now, I’m not talking about the purely physiological cunt. I’m talking about everything to do with a cunt – the vagina, the boobs, the curves, the emotions, the hormones, the cravings, the menstrual cycle, the insecurities, the love, and the passion we all have. Many women find it hard to have good relationships with same-sex people. WHY? Because we aren’t socialized to discuss the things that make us a woman. How many of you talk to your friends about your bloody tampons? Your bowel movements? Your insecurities? Now, I’m not talking about…I hate my love handles, or look at this bad pimple! I’m talking about the deep down things…like…growing up with Barbies and realized you will never look like that. Or dealing with the fact that most young men want a girl who’s like an actress – not real. Whatever the issue, being aware that EVERYONE feels their own insecurities, is vital to respecting ourselves and others.

So I wanted to start this blog to share a little about my life. I’m a die-hard education enthusiast. However, in my free time, I like to shop, cook, eat, and play. I recently decided that I can’t let all my amazing clothes and shoes go to waste, so I’m going to be blogging about my outfits! Last year, I bought myself a beautiful Canon Rebel T2i so I could further develop my photography skills. I think I’m pretty good. But, as time went on, I noticed that I never had pictures of myself. Sometimes, a girl wants to look back at cute outfits, hairstyles, or just the emotion shown in a picture. So I began to catalogue these…and decided to turn it into a blog! Yay! So I’ll be hoping to post outfits at least once a week. I’ll probably share random rants, thoughts, purchases, pictures, recipes, etc…so listen in!

Here’s the first photo: 

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