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Organization is key!

I decided that I need to do a little reorganizing in my life. I thought it was time to get my shit together. By shit, I mean clothes, jewerly, shoes, accessories, my closet floor, and everything else that takes up space in my life! I’ve never been good about keeping my room clean. I used to get in trouble when I was younger, but living on my own, the only person to get mad at me is myself. So, I started getting mad at myself and my lack of organization. Finally, I decided to stay home on a Saturday evening and organize my room.

I started with my jewerly. The hardest part – how do you organize it, show it off, and keep it that way? I purchased a couple things from an flea market to help. I find that the prettier the storage pieces you have, the easier it is to keep everything arranged.


The next part was rearranging my shoe collection. Now, this doesn’t include my winter boot collection, work shoe collection, or my “eccentric” shoes that are kept in storage until they need to come out. I love shoes. A few years ago, I didn’t give a crap about my shoes. However, my boyfriend at the time cared too much. I would wear house shoes everywhere I went, whether it was out for dinner, shopping, class, work, whatever. I always had on my house shoes. I still wear them, just around the house. I decided that, in honor of my ex, I would begin to wear cute shoes. Now, I love heels, but there aren’t many opportunities to wear them around Kalamazoo. First off, I drive a stick shift car, and heels are not the most enjoyable thing to drive in. Also, only having about 4 months of non-rainy, warm weather, means that the time of the year to wear heels is limited. You can trek it out in heels during the winter, but you may fall, slide around, and just look like you are trying to hard. I’m a master of the art of “look like you threw it all together”…so the heels during non-heel season doesn’t exactly cut it.
Last but not least, I reorganized my closet. I found some things I haven’t seen in months! I can’t wait until its warm enough to wear dresses, tank tops, and shorts. I love the summer time. I love the colors, the flowy clothes, and the color of my skin. I like how I don’t have to wear any makeup in the summer and I still feel tan enough. I like that I can just let my hair dry in the summer air, blowing in the breeze. I decided to bring summer in a little early, and wear a new maxi dress that I bought for $12. Now…a lot of people feel that maxi dresses/skirts aren’t flattering on shorter people…but I disagree. I love my maxi dress, even if I barely hit 5’2″. 
And after uploading this photo, I realize that I need to work on my self-portrait skills. It’s hard to capture good images, let alone images of yourself in a mirror. Maybe I should get “Vanity for Dummies?” Do that make that? I’ll have to research it. Another part of being a classy cunt is being an educated citizen. There is nothing classy about ignorance. Now, it’s hard to be educated on every topic in the world – well..impossible…and I don’t really even like to think impossible exists, but this is definitely a case where no one can know EVERYTHING. No matter how hard I, I’m always learning something new, changing my mind, and absorbing new information. I want to read a few books over the summer, The Righteous Mind, The Republic Brain, Tropics of Chaos, & The Art of Denial. All of these were recommended in my sociology course. I know this is a little off topic, but I have to write down the titles somewhere! The next post will include pictures of my book collection, once that gets organized. Intelligence is sexy. 


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