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Happy Holiday!

I got a bit bored last night after I got home from dinner. I decided to attempt my vanity pictures…and they turned out okay…you can be the judge!

On another note, I upgraded to an iPhone this morning! After 2 years of Blackberry, I decided to get a real smartphone. So far I really like it! I’m impressed by how easy it is to use. Now I’ll be able to blog, upload photos, and actually talk to people without worrying that my phone will die instantly! Pretty excited about the changes.

Today is also 4/20, a day that distinct population of marijuana users get to celebrate! Lucky me! Today is no different than any other day. I don’t request it off work. I don’t make a big deal…really. I did put on my I ❤ Weed shirt and Instagrammed a photo – follow me @ rosieunicorn – to see all my Instagrams! I love that program. Anywhoooo, I’m working til 5 today and am excited to only have 3 hours left! I’m sure that this evening will be enjoyable and mellow. Hope you all have a wonderful Friday too!

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