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March & Much Madness

Happy March 1st ya’ll!! I’m excited that today brings a new month into our lives in this fabulous year of 2013. Now, I don’t know about you, but I had a pretty great February and I think March will only bring more amazing things – like green living things starting to pop out into nature, twitterpating, house hunting, Mario Kart game, St. Patrick’s Day, a Bepure spring cleansing, and a visit to DC to see my family – could a girl as for more?! I think not!


So – first off, I’m buying a house. I’m ready to stop paying rent and actually make an investment in myself. So let’s do it! I have been looking at houses online for a few weeks now, and today is the first day that I get to actually go, with my realtor, to look at a few! I’m pretty excited and ready to make this move. I am looking at foreclosed homes, and maybe one with a little fixing up to do, so I can make my kitchen, MY kitchen…and you know, some landscaping, painting, new carpeting, a big mirror for an at-home yoga studio, a walk-in closet…all those necessities. This is a HUGE step in my life and I’m ready to make it. I feel that 2013 is going to be a big year of growth and change and I’m embracing it with my arms open and my soul smiling – so get ready to ride!

I’ve done hot yoga 3 days in a row – and I’m feeling amazing! I just have been craving it like no other lately. It is such a beautiful practice and I can’t wait to (hopefully) become an instructor. I started to look at yoga retreats, as I want to take my practice up a notch, and start doing some arm balancing poses and inversions. I feel that I really need to connect with a yogi who is willing to work with me – but that’ll come when the time is right. I’ve had a few women, after class, ask me if I was an instructor, or how I got “so good” at this practice – and I just told them that you have to feel it inside, make it a commitment to yourself and your soul – and then, it’s just easy!

Today is payday – thankfully – as this was an expensive month – from car insurance payments, airline ticket purchases, a shoe shopping addiction, and a lot of fruits & vegetables purchased in the “off” season. As we are in mercury retrograde, it isn’t the best time to sign a contract, make big business deals, or plan for life changes – so as much as I want to keep things rolling on buying a house, talking about a promotion, and making some major life decisions – I am holding off until mid-March. During this time, I will continue my introspection and growth, so I’ll be rearranging my apartment, repotting some plants, cooking some delicious meals, and reading some books. Until next time – love yourself & others ❤


Oh and here is a picture of me, with some trees – working on double exposure (with an iPhone app) haha!299821_4640610174217_1130932368_n

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