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Emotions & Logical Arguments


Years ago, I took a course at Kalamazoo Valley Community College and had a life changing experience. I was going through a lot during this time of my life, it was fall, my freshman year of college. I was getting ready to move in with my boyfriend of 2 months (ha, isn’t that logical?) and had just started a job at InterAct of Greater Kalamazoo (a non-prof, but private mental health and substance abuse services).  I thought like my life was in a great place, and that I was beginning a journey into adulthood with a great person by my side. … little did I know that what I was about to learn in my interpersonal comm course at a community college would forever change my life.

If you’ve read my past posts, you may have picked up on the fact that I’ve made a handful of off kilter decisions when it came to relationships, of all kinds – including myself, and even family members. I don’t regret any of my decisions or actions, but I do think back and express appreciation, vulnerability, and humility for what I’ve done. Okay, that’s my slight disclosure – only because I think it is important for you to get my perspective before I start making a logical argument against the majority of people’s perceptions.

So, interpersonal comm taught me about this idea of relational dialectics. Feel free to read through the Wiki link, because I’m not going to break it down in the exact same way…here goes my critical theory of dialetical tensions. In every moment, for every choice we make, there is an opposite choice to be made, and everything in between. There is a spectrum of choices that we have the ability to make on a daily basis, moment-to-moment. Right  this second, I could make a choice to throw my keyboard against the wall because my “u” is sticking…I could fiddle around with the “u” until it works a little bit better, I could just get over it and tried to use as little “u”s as possible…I could stop at BestBuy on my way to yoga and buy a new keyboard…hmm. All those choices, and more, that I came up with in just 10 seconds, because my “u” really isn’t sticking.

But maybe you get my point?

So in situations we have the choice to think about things from our perspective, the perspective of another (maybe someone close to us, someone significant in our life), maybe a religious perspective, maybe a political perspective…but when we are making a statement, to the world, about our beliefs, maybe we should try to use some logical thinking and take into account ALL SIDES of a story. If you thought of it this way, someone out there, in this world, is thinking of it in a completely opposite way – and then, every thought from theirs to yours, can, may, and will exist – FOR EVERYTHING EVER THOUGHT – so just don’t be so quick to think you know anything…because as much as I sit here, ranting about perceptions, this is only my subjective opinion…so it is only right to me, and I’m just an infinite speck of dust, so this, here, is nothing. Nothing more than me.

For those readers who enjoy facts with an argument, please take into consideration these two videos:

Both are arguments that some (I’ll say majority) of the Republican Party, right-winged conservatives, and tea partiers stand on.

Think liberally (not like a Democrat). Think liberty, justice, and freedom. Not freedom from paying taxes, but freedom to be educated enough to be involved in deciding who pays taxes, how much they pay, and what taxes go for. Corporations are individuals, just like you and me…they support each other, why can’t we support each other too?

Start to think about things. We don’t want to repeat history, we want to make our history something to be proud of. Let’s care about each other. Let’s care about ourselves too. Let’s care about the kids down the street, and the senior citizens who are true warriors. Let’s just be free, in thought, in action, and in love.

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