5 Things I Want Girls To Wear More Of

I think I would make this person pretty happy. My favorite articles of clothing are listed. Yes!

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1. High-waisted skirts

Not sure what it is about high-waisted ballerina skirts — also unsure if I’m a year or two behind — but they really project a kind of sophisticated sex appeal that puts a typical A-line to shame. These are actually some of the coolest/ most colorful/ shiniest (chic) I’ve seen. There’s somthing confident and feminine about high-waisted skirts, how they highlight our figures (specifically those legs, call me maybe?). At the risk of sounding stupid and confused (which I may very well be; I’m sure many of you are already decided one way or another), I think the high-waisted skirt infuses feminine style with a specific order of class, respect, and sex appeal that’s like, irresistable, and in my humble opinion, boner-inducing (metaphorically, in my case).

2. Patterned tights that are not leopard print

Seems like anything leopard print is an instant turn off for me, whether…

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