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Instagramming & Screenshots

Screen Shot 2013-05-03 at 11.29.19 AMSo, after a few hours of research…I finally understood that I would not be able to install an Instagram plugin for my WordPress.com site (it only works for WordPress.org)…which I guess shows me that I need to do my research ahead of time. Well, I’m pretty active on Instagram – so find and follow me if you’re on it! Name is RosieHearted – because my heart is filled with rose-tinted love, I see the world through rosey-tinted glasses, and well, I’ve been called Rosie my whole life.

Well here is my screen shot on my laptop – work stuff…trying to find my apartment…searching for a good FB post for work…and well – this blog! So follow me here, follow me on Instagram, follow me on Facebook…and eventually I’ll get more active on Twitter, but you can still follow me there if you want.

Happy Friday! I hope it is as beautiful wherever you are as it is here! Cheers to you, to life, and to everyone in the world. Love yourself & others ❤


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