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When did you chose to be straight?

Here’s another good one – sometimes asking a simple question, giving them back their basic argument, is a good way to open peoples’ minds.

When did I chose to be straight? I never did.

When did I come out and say “hey mom and dad and friends and everyone…I like boys”? Oh…I didn’t.

This is called heterosexism. The idea that the majority set the norm in sexuality – because we’ve always been “hetero” therefore everything in society is based in a heterosexual realm and everything else is the “other”…so if you aren’t hetero, than you’re different – whether your bisexual, homosexual, asexual, transexual…you aren’t normal, so classify yourself as something else and tell everyone, because you chose to be different.

This blows my mind. I’m glad that my generation (at least the people I know) are more accepting and understanding of the “other”. At least I hope so.

Love yourself, love others, and don’t try to categorize every single behavior. Always try to think outside the box. Don’t make harsh arguments unless you’ve LOGICALLY thought through the possibilities. Maybe you think male-on-male homosexual sex is gross and unnatural, but that doesn’t mean it is gross and unnatural to everyone, so chill out.

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