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It may be fallible…so don’t take it like the gospel?

So, this morning, I decided to check the weather on the east side of the state – as I’m thinking about my boyfriend, yes, he’s officially my boyfriend (the guy from Instagram! hehe) and making sure he’s going to be safe! I am listening to the live coverage regarding the storms and they are showing the doppler radar, and saying “it may be fallible…so don’t treat it like the gospel”…which just makes me cringe.

What the hell does that mean? I mean really…the gospel is infallible? Right…because all books and written works are FACT if we claim them to be. And we are infallible…therefore, well, if man wrote it, it must be the ABSOLUTE truth. But the weather, ohhh no, we all know that it isn’t an absolute truth, even though scientific advancements have allowed us to track weather and forecasts for decades (even though they aren’t always right).


People get away with making comments about the TRUTH behind the gospel…and why do they? This overarching Christian belief system in America really gets to me. A few days ago, I attended a funeral for a co-worker. It was a sad time, as he passed away at work, and many of my co-workers were in the office when this happened. Finding a co-worker and friend, dead, at his desk, is not an easy thing to deal with, obviously. Thankfully, his family is full of faith, and they took his passing well. Without saying too much personal stuff about him…I will say that he lived longer than expected and his passing was taken as an end to a wonderful life. He was a Christian, a Baptist, to be specific, and was very involved with the church. However, many of us, in the office, were unaware of this side of him.

He was always happy – but never overly in your face with his joy. He was funny, but a dry sense of humor, unlike myself and other co-workers, who are sometimes vulgar. He enjoyed life, enjoyed fast food, and enjoyed chocolate. He loved Jesus. But, even more, he loved being able to love Jesus, and his family, unconditionally, without shoving down people’s throats. Unfortunately, the pastor did not act in the same manner. The memorial service was beautiful. The family shared their beautiful thoughts and messages to their father, husband, brother. Towards the end, the pastor said a few kind words…and then went in to a rant about how George would have wanted us to accept Jesus as our lord and savior…and if we wanted to honor George, we should make this commitment, RIGHT HERE, RIGHT NOW, because it was the TRUTH and the RIGHT thing to do.

Many of us were offended by this…not only because, well, it was just assumed that we didn’t have faith, because we weren’t members of this church…but also because George wasn’t one to pressure his belief on others. Never once did he say…Hey Amy, I think you need to get saved! Never once did he say, Hey Amy, have you found Jesus as your lord and savior? He never brought it up. He was respectful of other’s, just as others were respectful of him. I was shocked that this pastor found it appropriate to use the passage of a wonderful man as a way to preach and promote his faith in Jesus unto others.

Why do some Christians (and other religious people) think it is appropriate, no matter what situation, to push their belief on others? Don’t they understand that it is a BELIEF. It is not a TRUTH. If you THINK you know what happens when you die…then sure, THINK it. But don’t just assume because you think/believe/trust in something, that everyone else MUST think/believe/trust in the same thing as you. It really isn’t a good personality trait. By all means, love the god you love, act as a moral human being, and share your story with the world…but don’t force feed your religion down my throat when all I’m trying to do is honor someone who passed away. Show some respect…because isn’t that what Jesus would have done? I think the gospel tells us that.

After all that serious stuff, do you need a laugh? Yeah, I thought so. Check this out! http://www.fanpop.com/clubs/atheism/images/31033973/title/ridiculous-church-signs-photo

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