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The dream that lasted a lifetime.

Have you ever had a dream that feels like it is taking years to finish? And even when you think it is over, you wake up, and you didn’t find what you were looking for? Well, I did last night…and I was unable to locate my car.

Usually, I think dreams are just little fun imagination games that our minds make up when we’re unable to filter our thoughts, our wildest fixations…all those things that come about, that may mean absolutely nothing..or maybe everything. My sister records every dream she has. She always tells our family about her dreams, as if they are something absolutely amazing that if we didn’t hear about, our lives would never be complete. And honestly, they usually are just a bunch of nonsense that she attempts to give some type of meaning. No offense, sister, but we really don’t care. Sure, tell us, but don’t expect us to sit there and analyze them for hours with you, because well, real life happens, and maybe you should try analyzing things that happen when you’re awake. But I still love you to pieces.

So, in dedication to my sister, I will share this dream, because well, I think it deserves to be recorded. First, a few things I experience in dreams…I almost always lucid dream (where I know I’m dreaming and can play along) and I rarely see faces…but I “feel” a person in my dream…so when I say that my mom and I went somewhere, it really means that I felt like it was my mom and I, but it may not have been.

So, my dream started out with me driving, alone, down south somewhere. I arrived, parked my car alongside a railroad track that only had one set – perhaps it was abandoned, perhaps I discovered a new kind of railroad. Then I went to a friend’s house, who apparently was just a few blocks away…but then when I left, I was back in Michigan. I was supposed to be meeting up with my family, but since I had left my car somewhere, I had no way to get anywhere. So I quickly called my mom and she came to pick me up.

Once she arrived, we decided that we needed to go find my car. So we went to where I thought it was…oh but it wasn’t there. I had no idea where I left my car. I got mad at myself for not “dropping a pin” … or bringing my car charger…or having any way to figure out where the hell I had been and where the hell I was going. I had to figure it out…as my mom was getting angrier and angrier by the second. Finally, something popped up on my almost dying phone that led to a clue! Some photographer in Tennessee had liked a photo I posted on Instagram. So, we headed down to Tennessee to find my car.

We located the photographer’s shop…and he directed us to this weird little restaurant that I apparently went to after losing my car. And then we were directed to this cavern/cave national park type thing. We jumped on a bus full of tourists and headed out there. Meanwhile, we ran into my grandparents, sister, and father, and they joined in on our adventure. We got to the park and realized that we had to climb through this cave to get to my car…as you could see the single line railroad track – but it went through a lot of obstacles. We started to open up the cave entrance, as it was covered in rocks, and my dad had made it in, and I was climbing down the side to join him…when all of a sudden, BOOM, my alarm goes off and I’m up and have to get ready for work.

Perhaps this means that I’m almost there, finding my way. Maybe it means that although I may go adventure and explore the world, I’ll always come back to my family and to Kalamazoo. Maybe it means that I’m becoming more and more like my mom and sister, and I’m forgetting things. Maybe it means that although I’ve always viewed the world as a one path to the destination, I’m finally started to except that it isn’t true. Perhaps this means that I’m opening up a part of myself that I’ve never really experienced and that this journey is happening, whether I’m engaged in it or not.

Perhaps it was all just a dream.


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