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The words you whispered as you said goodbye.

You told me it was magical. That night we spent together. Do you still remember? It was only weeks ago. But it was only days after that you left, forever. Or what seems like forever. An eternity has passed since you said all those things. All those deep, meaningful things as you hugged me goodbye. It was the longest goodbye after the shortest friendship.

We met. We connected. We talked. We opened up. We trusted. We made love. We didn’t want to part. We said goodbye. We said hello. You met my friends, and I met yours. That night, we said goodbye. We said we’ll never forget. We said we’ll see each other again, if fate allows it. We were fate. We’re 3,000 miles apart and I still think about what you said to me that night.

You told me that I should do everything I want to do. That I could do everything that I want to do. That no matter where life goes, you know I’ll do great things. I am beautiful. I will do whatever I put my mind to. You were right. You are right. The night we spent together was magic. It was unexpected. It was like something neither of us had ever experienced before.

We were honest. We were open. We talked about the very things that you try to avoid bringing up in conversation. You said I was like an oracle, a therapist, a healer. You found me most attractive when I doubted myself. You kissed me because I made the word “cunt” sound beautiful. You kissed me and your rough 5o’clock shadow tickled my lips. When you left, you moved so slowly. You found more things to ask me, to say to me, just so you could put off your departure. I liked it. I like you. As a person. You’re a beautiful person.

I told you that you would never have been my type. You were all wrong. You were such a ladies man. You were perfect. You were exactly who I needed you to be, and more. You were sincere. I couldn’t have asked for more. But I wanted to. I still want to. You changed me. Those three nights I was around you, you changed me. Mostly, the night you said goodbye. When at the end of the night, as we parted ways, you grabbed me and hugged me closely, and whispered those sweet-everythings in my ear. Those sweet-everythings that made it all worth it, as if it wasn’t already.

You healed me. b53961babcb3c54bbd5439b0e14c1cff

Image was not created by me, personally. Found on Pinterest – unable to locate original artist. I’m sorry, but I tried.

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