Why Women Should Travel Alone

Because you’re a woman.

I am woman. Hear me ROAR.

As I start to plan some traveling, I look on the Interwebz for advice and well, this sealed the deal. I’m going, and I’m going alone. Well, in the near future!

Thought Catalog

In my short time as a traveler and backpacker I’ve often come across criticism from friends, family, and strangers about why I travel alone. Usually the concern or criticism isn’t just about me traveling in general, it often comes down to the fact that I am a woman and I am a woman traveling alone.

Considering the many attacks on women travelers in India in the past year it’s understandable that people are concerned. These news stories only reinforce the mindset that international travel is dangerous and scary, but even more so if you’re a woman alone in a foreign country.

Think about the numerous books out there like On the Road about a male protagonist headed out on a journey of self-discovery through traveling and meeting new people. In stories where there is a female protagonist on a journey, her story is always surrounded around finding love, but not…

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