Destination: Savannah, GA.

For Thanksgiving 2012 I traveled to Savannah, Georgia. I have family who live there, so I was able to stay, for free, in their beautiful home. If I wouldn't have had a place to stay, I probably wouldn't have been able to make this trip, as the plane ticket alone was $370. Of course, this … Continue reading Destination: Savannah, GA.

Why Women Should Travel Alone

Because you’re a woman.

I am woman. Hear me ROAR.

As I start to plan some traveling, I look on the Interwebz for advice and well, this sealed the deal. I’m going, and I’m going alone. Well, in the near future!

Thought Catalog

In my short time as a traveler and backpacker I’ve often come across criticism from friends, family, and strangers about why I travel alone. Usually the concern or criticism isn’t just about me traveling in general, it often comes down to the fact that I am a woman and I am a woman traveling alone.

Considering the many attacks on women travelers in India in the past year it’s understandable that people are concerned. These news stories only reinforce the mindset that international travel is dangerous and scary, but even more so if you’re a woman alone in a foreign country.

Think about the numerous books out there like On the Road about a male protagonist headed out on a journey of self-discovery through traveling and meeting new people. In stories where there is a female protagonist on a journey, her story is always surrounded around finding love, but not…

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My Real Body. Juice. Autumn. and so on…

I can't believe it has been a month since I last updated my blog. Time flies. Life is hectic. I'm sort of, in between, living situations. I moved in with a good friend of mine and it just isn't working out as I hoped it would. Kind of a bummer, but that is life! So, … Continue reading My Real Body. Juice. Autumn. and so on…

Embed Facebook Post? Testing – Geode Jewelry

I bought this beautiful piece of jewelry from my favorite online store! So, I hope that worked. Geodes are beautiful rock-like (usually volcanic, I believe) structures found around the world. This one is from Brazil. Geodes are said to be holders of energy. I'm not sure which energy this geode holds, but I'm going … Continue reading Embed Facebook Post? Testing – Geode Jewelry

Poetry, pastimes, & finger tattoos.

Warsan Shire, heard of her? If not, definitely make that change. I found her via Pinterest - and after reading through every available piece of work, I've decided I have a new favorite poet. She discusses love, life, relationships, family, feminism, society, politics, pain, and much more. One of the most important parts of poetry … Continue reading Poetry, pastimes, & finger tattoos.