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Destination: Savannah, GA.

For Thanksgiving 2012 I traveled to Savannah, Georgia. I have family who live there, so I was able to stay, for free, in their beautiful home. If I wouldn’t have had a place to stay, I probably wouldn’t have been able to make this trip, as the plane ticket alone was $370. Of course, this is a high price because I was traveling on Wednesday (the day before Thanksgiving) and heading home on Sunday. These are huge travel days and Savannah is a small airport so flights are limited. It was also the “off”-season – as Savannah is home to SCAD and most college students travel home during the holidays. Also, I hear that spring is the best time to go to Savannah – so I’m assuming the tourist attractions were not as wild as they could be during another time of the year.


So I arrived to this quaint airport to be greeted, immediately, with a bit of southern charm. The appearance, itself, oozed southern hospitality. From the fake lampposts, to the façade of the airport shops (which were all closed, because apparently nothing stays open passed 10pm in this airport), I instantly felt at home. My aunt and uncle live about 30 minutes away from the airport. They were able to pick me up, and save me a little cash. The first evening, we enjoyed a Thai meal from a local takeout joint, provided for us by my aunt and uncle. It was delicious and I wish I knew the restaurant name…but I don’t.

The following day, my grandparents and brother arrived, to begin our Thanksgiving celebration! We wanted to get out of the house to allow my aunt and her sister and mom to prepare the meal (I offered to help…but you know how the saying goes…too many cooks ruin the cookies). We headed out to downtown Savannah and to check out what the city had to offer. Okay, so maybe Thanksgiving isn’t the BEST day to do this – as most of the small shops were closed…but it was still a BEAUTIFUL place to go. Around every corner there is a “square” – a park in the middle of intersecting streets. These parks had lovely foliage, benches, and usually a statue of some historic figure in the middle.


It was picturesque. I could image myself riding around town in some horse and buggy, with a 1776-inspired dress, wishing that I was able to fight in the revolution! Needless to say, this walk made me embrace my love of the Colonial time period and the history of the USA.

After an amazing meal, we played Scrabble with the family and went to bed as a decent hour. The next day, we woke up to a beautiful morning – sunny and mid-60s. The trees in this town (and all over the South) are covered in Spanish moss…apparently a close descendant of the pineapple family…if you understand this…please let me know. I don’t get it.


We decided to head over the one of the top tourist attractions in Savannah, the Wormsloe Plantation. We walked around this beautiful area for about an hour, and took in the historical information scattered about the property. It was a beautiful place.

After that, we headed back downtown to have some ice cream at Leopold’s. A celebrity go-to in Savannah, and a delicious scoop of ice cream! If you go to Savannah, you MUST stop in. A little historical soda fountain circa 1935, reopened in 2004 because well, who wouldn’t want this place around their town? After that, we headed home to a relaxing night in, enjoyed some leftovers, and caught up on the football scores.


The following day was a leisurely one. My aunt and I headed downtown for a little shopping therapy. The streets were filled with people shopping at the good stores, including Urban Outfitters, American Apparell, and a few other “usuals”…as well as some “unusuals” or boutiques. I found some good deals on colored skinny jeans, crop tops, and even found my dream kitchen appliances.

On Sunday, I headed over to the Jewish Community Center…and this place was AMAZING. It was like a YMCA, daycare/preschool, and community center wrapped in to one big building! I wish Kalamazoo had a place like this. I sat in on my cousin’s class, where they sang songs in Hebrew, bounced balls, and played with their friends. It was a good experience into the community that my aunt and uncle are apart of. After that, we had a quick lunch in the park, picked up from the farmer’s market. I headed back to the airport to catch my flight home. Work was calling my name and I was able to catch up on some emails in the airport…but needless to say, 8am on Monday morning rolled around quickly.


Now, my aunt and uncle have a new little addition to their family and I’m hoping for another trip down there to visit!


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