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It may be the last beautiful day…

Well, when we live in Michigan, we get used to the idea that the weather changes every 10 minutes and you can never really know what to expect. For the last month, every day, my mom says something like…”it might be the last day you can walk in sandals!” or “tonight’s going to be the last night we can hang out and not shiver” or “let’s go for a walk because it might be the last beautiful day”…but none of that is ever true. Sure, the days are getting shorter and the sun is setting earlier, and the trees are turning colors and losing their leaves, but it is still absolutely BEAUTIFUL in this moment. See for yourself:1380836_10200938204278311_1454638055_nA walk along Bishop’s Bog; a trail leading from Osterhout Rd in south Portage to the Portage Skatepark off of Westnedge Ave.

As it has yet to frost, we still are dealing with the mosquitos, and they were bad around this creek – so I was only there long enough to capture this picture and move along. However, after this weekend, I have a feeling that much of the beautiful fall colors are going to be disappearing, so soak it up while you can. With plans to move out West here, soon?…I am realizing that this may be my last Michigan Autumn for awhile…and well, isn’t it BEAUTIFUL!? Yes, yes it is.

I’m heading to Salt Lake City, Utah for a 48-hour vacation. My cousin is turning 13 and we’re celebrating her growth into womanhood with a Bat Mitzvah. That means PARTY TIME to us Jews. And yes, we have a good time. My sister and I are flying out of Detroit this afternoon and landing in the evening, so I’m not sure if I’ll be able to catch a glimpse of the great Salt Lake. SLC has always been my favorite airport to fly in/out of, because of the spectacular view, but I haven’t been there in years…so I hope it is just as awe-mazing as I remember it being.

Also, to any of you who like to follow the stars…Mercury Retrograde is coming up quickly, so avoid making any important contract decisions – like buying a house, signing a loan, or such. From October 21st til November 10th – be very aware. Spend time thinking of the past, finishing up old projects, looking base with an old friend, or simply relaxing. Of course, life continues on, despite the astrological setbacks, so do what you must, just know that communication (email, phone calls, etc) have a habit of failing during Mercury Retrograde. I’m waiting until November to make any BIG changes…even though I want them to happen NOW. Woo.

I hope you all enjoy your weekend! I know I will be! Until next time, love yourself and others!

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