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Sunshine, Day Dreams. Autumn Bright, Sunday Best.

The end of October is approaching quickly. Normally, Halloween has always been one of my favorite celebrations, however, this year, I’m struggling to find any determination to do anything. I don’t want to get dressed up in some skimpy outfit and get drunk. I don’t really want to go around and get candy from strangers…candy is gross. I don’t really know if I want to do anything, at all. Except for going to NYC and Niagara Falls this weekend…maybe that is why I don’t want to do anything! I bought a car off of Ebay a few weeks ago and am heading to New York to drive it home. This should be an exciting 48 hour adventure as I haven’t been to NYC before. Any good recommendations? I’m flying into La Guardia at 7:30am…and just have to find my way down to catch the Staten Island Ferry sometime in the early afternoon! Everything else is up for discussion!20131027-201047.jpg

Here is me…taking a photo at one of my favorite parks in Kalamazoo – West Lake Nature Preserve. I have many memories here, starting from back in middle school. My favorite time to go is in the winter, because it is so quiet and empty, so serene. So untouched. I’ve done a few photoshoots there, and today I was working on my little sister’s senior photos. More to come once I get those edited! Thanks to my best friend for this candid shot! As you can tell, it is getting cold in MI and I’m bundling up!


And now, the “I’m so lucky I love with my parents” food shot. Seriously though. I moved home about a month or so ago, and well…I’ve now been spoiled because well…this food is amazing! Nevertheless, it has prompted me to get back on the bandwagon and start getting serious about my food porn-ing. I found a great blog that helps with setting up for food photography, at home, or in a studio. We’re working on rearranging my parent’s house, so then I will have a little studio to work with. After that happens, I’ll be starting to document my mom’s tips and tricks and recipes galore. She is a genius in the kitchen and has a ton of amazing tricks up her sleeve – finally I will be able to document them and share with you, because they are so worth it!

Below was created in collaboration with my pops. We had some left over mashed potatoes mixed with brussell sprouts, so we fried those up in some bacon fat (we like fat, and bacon), and topped them with some fresh chopped parsley and cheddar cheese. Served with an over-medium egg and some baked bacon.

For the best bacon in the world, buy local, nitr-ite/ate free, and cook it in the oven, on parchment paper. Preheat to about 375 degrees and pop it in. Keep your eye on it, as all bacon cooks at a different speed – usually less than 20 minutes. Cooking on parchment paper helps evenly bake the bacon, absorbs some of the fat, and allows for an easy cleanup. We keep bacon fat to use as a cooking medium for other things – it is great for eggs, potatoes, pancakes, cornbread, and much more!


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