Adventure · Cleansing · Gratitude

Airports. It pays off to smile, I promise.

How do you start your early morning travels? Usually, I start with coffee…but not today. I was up at 4am to catch a 6am to NYC for a short weekend trip. I knew I’d be sleepy but wanted to wait to have some coffee until I arrived. I imagine New York had some good coffee somewhere.
I thought I’d be out of luck with finding lemons at 4am but luckily the lady at the Coffee Beanery appreciated my smile and patience waiting in line. She gave me a free cup of hot water (usually they charge $1.75) and some lemon juice packets. Sure, it isn’t organic, fresh juiced. It has added chemicals. But it works and I’m grateful for this! Good morning and always smile 🙂 you never know what it’ll bring your way. Now I’m off to explore a city I’ve yet to see – more on this trip later!

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