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The Full Moon… & Other Major Life Changes.


This weekend brought about many changes in my life. As the past two weekends had been spent traveling to NYC and Detroit, this weekend grounded me at home. Each month, I read my month long horoscope by Susan Miller. I take this all with a grain of salt. I know a handful of Capricorns and we don’t all experience the same things, nor are all of our personalities the same…but there is some similarity, I guess. And well, I believe in the stars and that they have some type of control over humans…so I read. Each month Susan gives an in-depth discussion of how your sign may be influenced by the stars and planets. Each month, I read it, and I think about what it could all mean. This month I was told to go on a vacation, with my significant other, to the mountains, over the weekend of the 16th (this past week).

I don’t have a “significant other”… I’m not dating anyone. I have plenty of significant people in my life, but there isn’t that one significant other…so obviously this wasn’t going to happen. What did happen, though, was that I put in my resignation and started my serious plan to move out to the mountains. I think that perhaps what my monthly astrology told me that I would be making a big decision to travel, into the mountains, over this weekend. And that I did.

For those of you who have been reading my blog over the past year, you may know that I’ve been happily working for an herbal supplement company for 3 years This small company has offered me so many great opportunities over the years. They sell top of the line products and with this, I have been able to enhance my knowledge of holistic living, nutrition, and health. I have been able to become healthier, help others become healthier, and build a strong skill set in business. Although I have been blessed to have this opportunity, time also comes when we no longer are able to grow and need to set outside of our comfort zone in order to continue to become who we are meant to be.

I met with the owner of the company on Saturday and resigned from my full-time position. I will be able to work about 10 hours a week, remotely, once I settled in my new home. This will allow me to continue my relationship with this wonderful company, but also allow me to live in a new place, surround myself with natural beauty, and to become fully independent. This will be my first time living away from my parents. They are my rocks and it will be hard to not have them just a few miles down the road – but people do it all the time…so I will be okay. This will be my first time living in a mountain town and I’m very excited. The full moon brought significant changes in my life, and that what she does…but when we embrace them fully, we find ourselves able to grow and blossom.

IMG_7735The mountains are calling…just as Lynsey Dyer said on Instagram.

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