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Occupy Wall St…Good or Bad?

I watched Occupy Unmasked last night – a documentary produced by Citizens United Productions. Biases flood the tone of this documentary, stating that unions, the Obama administration, and the media are behind the Occupy movements and that they are taking advantage of young, college students, and others.imagesNow, I’ve found myself aligned with the Occupy Movement. I am against capitalism as we know it today, in American society. I am against the richest of the rich staying in power while the poor struggle to meet basic needs. I am against paying outrageous amounts of money for college tuition to graduate and not have a job. I am against CEO’s getting millions in annual salaries while my best friend is a public school educator and can barely pay the bills. I am against corporations using money to ensure that they remain profitable, despite the possibility of harming individuals (whether it is financial, emotional, or physical). However, with that said, I am also against ignorance. I am against people who were paid money to protest in Occupy movements. I am against unions funneling in their ideals and claiming it is a “community protest”.


I find myself torn after watching Occupy Unmasked. I felt like Occupy was doing a good thing, spreading awareness of how messed up our system is…but that system, itself infiltrated the ranks of Occupy and deters the message. Violence, drugs, and such are not part of a community protest. A community protest should involve many members of the community, including employed individuals, college students, and the like. A community protest shouldn’t be compromised of individual’s who are unemployed and received payment to participate, by way of the unions. This is sad. Is the exact thing that Occupy is protesting is happening within their movement?


I was raised to believe that Thomas Jefferson was a founding father (even though some idiots in Texas tried to argue this fact). “The cornerstone of democracy rests on the foundation of an educated electorate”, and “whenever people are well-informed, they can they can be trusted with their own government” are both Thomas Jefferson quotes, among many, in regards to politics, democracy, and the American electorate. Now, we must ask ourselves, “are we informed?” and I must say that, no, we are not. If we “occupy” something that we do not understand, if that true freedom of speech. Are we given the right to be ignorant of what we stand for? Perhaps. Should we, as intelligent beings, stand for something we know not of? Probably not. Should we continue to support a movement that is backed by the same entities in which we disagree with? Probably not. Should be varnish signs that promote something or some entity that we are unaware of? Definitely not.


So ask yourself, before you make generalized statements (as I have in the past), do I really know what is going on? Am I aware of all the details of this movement? If you aren’t, do more research. If you are, then support what you believe in…but when someone asks, answer in a way that will help others chose the best path for themselves.

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