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Finding Love and Nourishment

As a female raised during the turn of the century; the Information Age; the Age of Media and Marketing; I have a skewed image of beauty and love. We’re raised to believe that you find love when you look your best and you look your best when you’re skinny, tall, and flawless. Okay, slight over generalization but you know what I mean… How many cover models are short, curvy, frizzy-haired, and have visible pimples? Not many.

We’re fed conventional wisdom on nutrition – fat is bad, whole grains are good; if you eat dessert you better plan on doing some cardio, and chemicals are okay because they’re “generally recognized as safe”. Great. Now what if I want bacon and chocolate, do I feel guilty? I used to. I think many of us women feel guilty when we indulge and then feel ugly because we aren’t living up to the American standards of beauty. What do we do?

We find love through the superficial things instead of the nourishing things. Why don’t we find love through each meal we eat? Each time we enjoy a dinner with family and friends? Each time we sit at home and eat alone? Well, I do. And since I’ve started doing this, I’ve been really finding love at the bottom of my plate. Not only am I finding these green hearts, but I’m also feeling love through the food I eat, as I buy local and whole goods. I feel love and nourishment as I give my body what it needs to thrive, not only survive.

Three days ago, I decided to remove grains from my diet. I wanted to go “Paleo” but I believe in eating dairy as I have no trouble digesting it. It’s hard giving up grains. For me it means no more toast and eggs, a good burger, and yeah right if I’ll put a pastry near me… But I’m doing it because I found love for myself through the food I eat. I’ve come to respect my body as a source of energy, and therefore, want to give it the best love (through food) that I can.


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