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Diggin’ a Ditch: Dave Matthew’s Band: Memories.

Today’s daily prompt is about a song that brings back memories. Oh, do I have a million of those. But I chose one, one that brings back good and bad memories. One that comes on when I’m driving and I blast the music, sing along, and always get the lyrics wrong. Listen along to the song while you share my memory…It’s a good song, I promise.

I’ve seen Dave Matthew’s 3 different times but the first time was in Chicago, with a group of guys. I was with someone at the time, who I’ve written about before…but won’t dig deeply into that. I will say, however, that I was well on the path to diggin’ my ditch and this ditch was an unhealthy relationship (do you see a pattern here??) and it took me two years to get myself out.

Hi there – Amy here!

For some reason, I found this alcoholic and asshole-ness very attractive. Perhaps because I had not yet learned to love myself. I was diggin’ a ditch. This song asks you to unplug the TV, turn off the phone, and do more with your life. But what was I doing? Nothing. I was stagnant and lived through his ridiculousness. I was unhealthy and unhappy…obviously, look at the photo above.

Lights, camera, DANCE!

Sometimes listening to DMB makes me sad, but other times, it makes me feel alive. Through these experiences, I’ve learned more about myself than ever before. Sometimes I like a song, sometimes I don’t. At first, this song made me sad, but then, as I grew, it started to make me happy. 

Sunshine, day dream. Wake up.

And being happy is what matters. Find happiness through the pain. Remember the good times and the bad. Don’t dwell on the bad. We go through things to learn. We learn and change and adapt and grow. If we didn’t take the good and the bad, where would we be left? At the bottom of the grave, wishing we did something more, dug a little deeper, climbed out and started again…or maybe, just maybe, we learn to love ourselves.

6 thoughts on “Diggin’ a Ditch: Dave Matthew’s Band: Memories.

  1. You are awesome! I am recently retired and a lady of the 60’s! A former “hippie”. I am still searching for meaning in life! I have moved to Lake Chelan WA with my guy of dating long distance for 7 years! I am resting! Worked 2 jobs for 17 years! I am tired of people because I worked for the poor full time for 20 yrs and the rich part time for 17 yrs! I have made a series of wrong choices but seem to be making it so far! I am always searching for where and what to do next! Just skimming your blog lends me to believe you are headed in the right direction and you have lots of time for LOVE! Keep in touch! ctfiles@yahoo.com YOU ARE AWESOME! Continue on this same awesome path! 🌀❤🌀❤🌀❤🌀❤🌀❤🌀

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