In Like a Lion, Out Like a Lamb: Celebrating Ostara

Today is the Spring Equinox. The first day of the season of rebirth, growth, and warmer weather! We start our gardens, planting seeds, and reminiscing about the winter weather. In the Judeo-Christian mindset, we’re preparing for Easter and/or Passover, holidays that celebrate certain historical events. In the Pagan mindset, we celebrate Ostara – stemming from the Germanic goddess of spring – Eostre. Around the world, cultures have their own significant celebrations, such as No Ruz (Persian), Chahar-Shanbeh Suri (Iranian), Shunbun no Hi (Japanese), and El Castillo (Mexican). I like to follow the idea set in Bambie – it is twitterpating season!

Since I try to follow a spiritual path guided by appreciating Mother Nature, I find the celebration of spring to be a joyous one! My whole life, I’ve been blessed to have parents who are avid gardeners, but I, myself, have neglected the art. I haven’t learned how to start a garden. I haven’t even been able to keep a plant alive for longer than a year…but I blame that one on the uncontrollable temperature fluctuations in my old house.

Today, I make a commitment to myself and my world. I will grow. I, personally, will grow a lot (as I always am), but I will also grow a garden. I will start small, perhaps a few herbs and a few flowers. Maybe a head of lettuce, maybe a tomato plant. I have to research what grows well in my new home. But I will grow something. The magic behind gardening is subconsciously ingrained into my perspective but now it is time to bring it to the conscious level and start a new hobby. As I also describe myself as a “lunatic” (obsessive lover of the moon), I want to incorporate a lunar gardening technique found here.

My Ostara Altar

After work, I created my Ostara Altar and meditated for a while. I used my beautiful tumbled chakra stones to help balance my energy. I felt great and I want to make this practice happen more often. As I’m currently reading The Power of NOW by Eckhart Tolle, I want to share with you my inspirational thought of the day…inspired by my view this morning as I drove to work. As I left my house, I saw the moon, a giant waning gibbous moon set perfectly over the top of the mountain. As I drove closer and closer to the mountain, the moon started to fade away. By the time I had made it to grab my cup of coffee, I could no longer see the moon. For an instant, I was upset that I wanted to get a picture of this closer, but then, realization came. I took a picture as I left my home and although the moon may appear to be small, I remember how big it was. I remember how it slowly faded from my view.

Moon over Mountain.

Like the past and the present, they are just our thoughts – either our memories or our hopes. They are not the present. The present is NOW. And now. And now…and each moment is the present and it is only here for a split second. We can not live in the past or the future. The moon over the mountain disappeared as I got near. Like many precious things in life disappear into memories or are only hopes for the future. When we constantly live in those past precious memories or live for the future precious experience, we neglect living in the now, where all those precious moments happen. Be here now.

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