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Occupy Wall St…Good or Bad?

I watched Occupy Unmasked last night - a documentary produced by Citizens United Productions. Biases flood the tone of this documentary, stating that unions, the Obama administration, and the media are behind the Occupy movements and that they are taking advantage of young, college students, and others.Now, I've found myself aligned with the Occupy Movement.… Continue reading Occupy Wall St…Good or Bad?

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Another girl, ranting about body image and Photoshop.

But seriously. I think as many people need to write on this topic as possible. What is going on with our frame of mind? How do we think it is okay to show photoshopped models and portray them as the idolized images of beauty? Via Pinterest. Thank you creator. When we see a woman like… Continue reading Another girl, ranting about body image and Photoshop.

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Fashion, Free Markets, & Fabulists.

"People have a preference to remain ignorant." - Neeru Paharia  Growing up in the US, I was raised in a consumer drive culture. I was taught that you buy new clothes with the season, need a few pairs of shoes, never wear brown and black together, and to match your purse with your outfit. I… Continue reading Fashion, Free Markets, & Fabulists.

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OkCupid-ing: Because, well just because.

A few weeks ago, I read a few brilliant blog posts on the Thought Catalog. It inspired me to do something completely out of my comfort zone and, after about 15 minutes of thinking, I made an OKCupid profile. At first, I was like...sure I'll do this and see what was out there...and a week… Continue reading OkCupid-ing: Because, well just because.