Occupy Wall St…Good or Bad?

I watched Occupy Unmasked last night - a documentary produced by Citizens United Productions. Biases flood the tone of this documentary, stating that unions, the Obama administration, and the media are behind the Occupy movements and that they are taking advantage of young, college students, and others.Now, I've found myself aligned with the Occupy Movement. … Continue reading Occupy Wall St…Good or Bad?

The Power of One: 10 Things You Can Do to Make the World Better

Instead of asking ourselves what is wrong with the world, maybe we should ask ourselves what is right? Progress only comes from forward movement…not retroactive blaming. We, as humans, cast a vote for what is right, or what is wrong, each day, with our actions. Sometimes they are for the better, and sometimes they are … Continue reading The Power of One: 10 Things You Can Do to Make the World Better

Fashion, Free Markets, & Fabulists.

"People have a preference to remain ignorant." - Neeru PahariaΒ  Growing up in the US, I was raised in a consumer drive culture. I was taught that you buy new clothes with the season, need a few pairs of shoes, never wear brown and black together, and to match your purse with your outfit. I … Continue reading Fashion, Free Markets, & Fabulists.

It may be fallible…so don’t take it like the gospel?

So, this morning, I decided to check the weather on the east side of the state - as I'm thinking about my boyfriend, yes, he's officially my boyfriend (the guy from Instagram! hehe) and making sure he's going to be safe! I am listening to the live coverage regarding the storms and they are showing … Continue reading It may be fallible…so don’t take it like the gospel?

Faith, Trust, & a Little Pixie Dust

Well...it is almost the end of May and time is flying. The past few weeks have been crazy busy and full of excitement! In just over 24 hours, I'll be giving a speech in front of 300+ people for a graduation ceremony. I'm kind of freaking out. But that is okay - because I can … Continue reading Faith, Trust, & a Little Pixie Dust

When did you chose to be straight?

Here's another good one - sometimes asking a simple question, giving them back their basic argument, is a good way to open peoples' minds. When did I chose to be straight? I never did. When did I come out and say "hey mom and dad and friends and everyone...I like boys"? Oh...I didn't. This is … Continue reading When did you chose to be straight?

What kind of man are you?

Happy Monday! Let's talk about something not so happy - domestic violence. I stumbled upon this great TedTalk - highlighting the power struggle in our society and how our language helps to create and reinforce our gender norms, our socially acceptable behavior, and our ability to talk about things in an open and honest form. … Continue reading What kind of man are you?

Emotions & Logical Arguments

Years ago, I took a course at Kalamazoo Valley Community College and had a life changing experience. I was going through a lot during this time of my life, it was fall, my freshman year of college. I was getting ready to move in with my boyfriend of 2 months (ha, isn't that logical?) and … Continue reading Emotions & Logical Arguments