It’s Okay to Not Know

The other day, I called my dad, in tears, telling him that I didn't want to be an adult anymore. His response…"but your whole life all you've ever wanted was to grow up…" concerned, that his daughter, 1500 miles away, was having a break down and wanted to give up. But it wasn't that I … Continue reading It’s Okay to Not Know

The Power of One: 10 Things You Can Do to Make the World Better

Instead of asking ourselves what is wrong with the world, maybe we should ask ourselves what is right? Progress only comes from forward movement…not retroactive blaming. We, as humans, cast a vote for what is right, or what is wrong, each day, with our actions. Sometimes they are for the better, and sometimes they are … Continue reading The Power of One: 10 Things You Can Do to Make the World Better

The Full Moon… & Other Major Life Changes.

This weekend brought about many changes in my life. As the past two weekends had been spent traveling to NYC and Detroit, this weekend grounded me at home. Each month, I read my month long horoscope by Susan Miller. I take this all with a grain of salt. I know a handful of Capricorns and … Continue reading The Full Moon… & Other Major Life Changes.

Destination: NYC: Let Freedom Ring

Planes, trains, and automobiles is the perfect tagline of my latest adventure. On Friday, I drove to Detroit, woke up early on Saturday to fly to NYC, and then pick up a car in Staten Island, and drive back to Michigan, alone. This may have been one of the most adventurous expeditions yet - I … Continue reading Destination: NYC: Let Freedom Ring

Destination: Savannah, GA.

For Thanksgiving 2012 I traveled to Savannah, Georgia. I have family who live there, so I was able to stay, for free, in their beautiful home. If I wouldn't have had a place to stay, I probably wouldn't have been able to make this trip, as the plane ticket alone was $370. Of course, this … Continue reading Destination: Savannah, GA.

Poetry, pastimes, & finger tattoos.

Warsan Shire, heard of her? If not, definitely make that change. I found her via Pinterest - and after reading through every available piece of work, I've decided I have a new favorite poet. She discusses love, life, relationships, family, feminism, society, politics, pain, and much more. One of the most important parts of poetry … Continue reading Poetry, pastimes, & finger tattoos.

The words you whispered as you said goodbye.

You told me it was magical. That night we spent together. Do you still remember? It was only weeks ago. But it was only days after that you left, forever. Or what seems like forever. An eternity has passed since you said all those things. All those deep, meaningful things as you hugged me goodbye. … Continue reading The words you whispered as you said goodbye.