Growth, Change, & New Horizons circa 2013

This past year I accomplished more than I could dream up! I graduated college, watched a business (that I played a major development role) in take off, continued to grow in my yoga practice, and traveled to a few new places! I conquered New York City, for my first time, alone, in less than 12 hours, and then drove a truck I bought off Ebay all the way back to Michigan. I discovered a love for Detroit, MI. I cooked my heart out. I worked on channelling my anxiety, self-doubt, and anger in more productive ways. I grew more as a person than I ever have. Cheers to being 23!

Over the past year, many things have changed. Some of you have been following me for awhile now and are aware that I’m always moving forward…and the next big step is to relocate to Idaho and start my own company. I officially resigned from my job (I’m going to miss it) and my last day is December 20th. After that, I will spend the holidays with my family, between Michigan and Washington, D.C. On January 3rd, I turn 24 and the follow day, I pack up my truck and head to Idaho (by way of Salt Lake City for a visit).

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As I venture away from the mitten state, I have some apprehension. I quit my cushy job and am opting for the life of an unemployed but adventurous entrepreneur. I have been working on starting a business consulting company and now is the time to promote this even more. I will be doing some contract work for my previous company, maintaining some pro-bono work for a few friends in Kalamazoo, and attempting to network myself with small businesses in the west.


I’m in the works of doing some branding and website development and will hope to launch that in the beginning of 2014. I’ll be living in the glorious town of Sun Valley/Ketchum, ID where I will regroup, enhance my personal growth, and adventure. Be on the lookout for some major changes and way more updates.

Your ongoing support and love means a lot to me. If there is something you’d like to see more of on here, please don’t hesitate to share your thoughts! Peace, love, and gratitude ❤

One thought on “Growth, Change, & New Horizons circa 2013

  1. Hey,

    So you followed me on Instagram and I checked out your profile and website to find a truly great writer and inspiration. Your story resonates with me at my spiritual core. Your journey seems similar to mine in regards to health, spirituality, friends, and a complete change in priorities. I also wanted to be an MD, I studied and graduated with a Pre-Med degree and now I am traveling the country to learn about all things healthy, spiritual, and sustainable. A complete change of heart to say the least. I am impressed with your organization, content and with your career accomplishments. So I was wondering if you had time to talk about improving online presence and the theory behind business. Both of which I am new to since I have started my journey. I hope to hear back from you sometime. Till then good luck, have blessings, namaste.

    Lucas Mallory

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