Bones, Broth, & the Basics

I always knew there was something different about my mom's soup. This wasn't a constant in our diet, but it stuck out mostly during my high school and college days. No matter what the main ingredients in her soup were, mung beans for Ayurvedic cleansing or mushrooms and lentils because those were the only things … Continue reading Bones, Broth, & the Basics

Freedom, Farming, & Food.

Between the ages of 5 and 10, I lived in Virginia. I learned a lot about the Revolutionary War time period and it has always fascinated me. Our founding father's gave up a lot to give us the freedom that we, so dearly, love today. I remember sitting in history class, in 3rd grade, and … Continue reading Freedom, Farming, & Food.

Chia seeds, back pain, & graduating

I am hurting today. Yesterday, around noon, I just got a horrible migraine andΒ neck acheΒ  I thought it could be from poor diet (a little too much sugar for the past week)...maybe not doing yoga (haven't been in the studio in a week, but have been doing some at home)...or from staring at this computer … Continue reading Chia seeds, back pain, & graduating

Trail Mix, Coffee, & Quality

Well, today is Thursday, and just less than a week ago, I finished cleansing with Bepure. I had a great cleansing experience - but due to the stress of Β life, I've been needing a little boost of caffeine this whole week. Maybe it has been the rainy weather...or the late nights...or the anticipation for graduation … Continue reading Trail Mix, Coffee, & Quality

What’s in my kitchen?

One thing I’ve learned over the years is that eating well starts with the basics. Having a fully stocked kitchen helps to ease the time crunch of cooking. Over the past 4 years I’ve Β collected supplies, gadgets, and even some junk. I’ve learned that buying quality is ALWAYS better than saving a dollar or two. … Continue reading What’s in my kitchen?

Cleansing Complete…& the next adventure is…?

Friday was the last day of my Bepure cleanse - so this weekend was a celebratory weekend and I had a great time! I noticed that I'm still having more energy than I had before I started cleansing - which is great! My body is feeling healthy and alive - not just being...but actually being … Continue reading Cleansing Complete…& the next adventure is…?

Juicing, Jogging, & Joyful Living

For the past month or so, I have been doing volunteer work at the People's Food Coop. I attend their cooking classes, take pictures, and tweet about them to help spread the word of these awesome cooking classes and the Can-Do Kitchen. Last night was the Get Juiced! class - where we juiced it up. … Continue reading Juicing, Jogging, & Joyful Living