Believing in “God”, coffe shops, & legs.

What in the world makes men believe that approaching a group of women by saying, "God told me to come over here and tell you all how sexy you are..."? Like in the HELL does that even make sense? You believe in God, eh? So God is a perverted man who can't handle seeing … Continue reading Believing in “God”, coffe shops, & legs.

What kind of man are you?

Happy Monday! Let's talk about something not so happy - domestic violence. I stumbled upon this great TedTalk - highlighting the power struggle in our society and how our language helps to create and reinforce our gender norms, our socially acceptable behavior, and our ability to talk about things in an open and honest form. … Continue reading What kind of man are you?

Instagramming & Screenshots

So, after a few hours of research...I finally understood that I would not be able to install an Instagram plugin for my site (it only works for I guess shows me that I need to do my research ahead of time. Well, I'm pretty active on Instagram - so find and follow me … Continue reading Instagramming & Screenshots

GIRLS: Lena Dunham

I graduate this past weekend! Yay - I'm a 23-year-old college graduate GIRL with a full-time job! Woooo I watched Girls, Season 1 and 2 in about...oh...3 days. It was one of those you watch one, you're intrigued, weirded out, disgusted...but you go to the next one immediately. If you haven't watched it, I highly suggest … Continue reading GIRLS: Lena Dunham

Mindful Mothering, Living and Dying, & Accepting

In leu of events that have occurred in my life & close friends' lives, as well as the changes happening in our society, I wanted to write about motherhood, womanhood, life, and death. I'm not going to talk about my and my friend's personal experiences in this subject...but I'm going to say that there is something about … Continue reading Mindful Mothering, Living and Dying, & Accepting

Mirroring, Projecting, & Just Being

I'm not trying to get all pseudo-psychological on you, but...okay, well maybe I am...but here goes! So, a few years ago, my mom (she really does inspire a lot of these posts) told me about this idea called mirrors. This concept, as far as I recall, incorporates cloudy mirrors, black mirrors, clear mirrors, and normal … Continue reading Mirroring, Projecting, & Just Being

Media, Women, and Miss Representation

"As a culture, women are brought up to be fundamentally insecure." - Lisa Ling I find this statement rather disturbing, inquisitive, and introspective. How do you feel about it? Do you think that women, in the US, are fundamentally insecure? Do you think media has something to do with it? As much as we like to believe … Continue reading Media, Women, and Miss Representation